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Youth Day 2008 - How Can I Sponsor?

Corporate Champions are coming aboard - showing their customers, employees, all their stakeholders - everyone in Canada - that they too are playing their part for our upcoming generation. In fact, with a capacity audience of 25,000, many are meeting their next workforce and future consumer base for the first time.

Businesses have a multitude of sponsorship options and are invited to indicate their interest in ensuring the YOUTH DAY 2008 celebrations by contacting CEO & Founder Tylaine Duggan directly at or call 416-813-0909 (Toll Free 1-877-762-7624).

We are committed and flexible to ensure a win-win for everyone; for the youth and the Champions.

Please make contact at your earliest as industry exclusives are being filled rapidly with months of visibility and Press coverage available.

The YOUTH DAY 2008 celebration will be disseminated throughout Toronto through various means including Press Releases; invitations to over 1,400 Secondary Schools, Colleges and Universities; the Toronto Libraries; Community Centres via Parks Forestry & Recreation; and the 25,000 buildings of Toronto Community Housing Corporation. The announcement of YOUTH DAY 2007 also appeared in Teen Tribute Magazine and was featured on FLOW 93.5. Local community papers such as the over 20 Tandem newspapers also covered the event, ensuring everyone in Toronto knew about YOUTH DAY.

Reach an astounding audience - identify your brand support - and be part of their event... Thank you.

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