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Youth Day 2008 - How Can I Volunteer?

If you are over 18 years old, you may apply to volunteer at YOUTH DAY 2008. Simply send an email to including the following information. Note all selected will have to complete additional paperwork and signatures at the orientation meeting.

  • Full Name (including Mr/Ms/Mrs)
  • Address (include Street, Number, City, Province and Postal Code)
  • Contact information (include home, business and cell phone numbers)
  • Date of Birth (in order of month, date, year)
  • T-Shirt size (identify small, medium, large or extra large)
  • Volunteering area of interest (ie; my specialty is security, event coordination)
  • Additional information of interest (ie; I am a teacher, I have volunteered at other events, etc)

Note: You will be required to verify that you have no criminal record in order to volunteer at YOUTH DAY 2008.

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