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Youth Day 2008 - How Can I Audition?

If you're 14 to 24 years old on or before JULY 21st, 2008 you can enter auditions in June for scholarships and prizes, and a repeat performance for the finalists at YOUTH DAY 2008 at City Hall this next summer.


Ask your School, College or University for their scheduled talent competition dates and times. Contact us directly by email to if you don't attend a school, or in the event your school doesn't have talent auditions.

Then register answering the questions below in your email.

While there are no specific guidelines for your creative presentation which should last no more than 5 minutes, we do ask you to be respectful for younger viewers with regard to language and dress as finalists will repeat their performance on stage at the big YOUTH DAY 2008 at City Hall this summer on JULY 26th, running from noon to 9:00pm.

Send your information to and you'll also be able to become a KPYO free Points Card member. Please include the following information in your email and we'll get back to you.

  • Full Name (including Mr/Ms/Mrs)
  • Address (include Street, Number, City, Province and Postal Code)
  • Contact information (include home, business and cell phone numbers)
  • Date of Birth (in order of month, date, year)
  • Auditioning for (dance, music, art)
  • Style; jazz, rap, flamenco, duet, band, etc.
  • Are your currently/or have you previously trained in this art at a school? (If so, where and when)
  • Additional information of interest (ie; we have had this band for X years; I do this as a hobby, career, etc)
  • Where or how did you hear about the auditions?

Note: If you are younger than 18 by July 26, 2008, you'll be required to have your guardian/parent agree.

* All scholarships and prizes will be presented on stage to the finalists at YOUTH DAY 2008.

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