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Caring Partners - What is KPYO?

It's an initiative for kids 6 to youth 18 year olds, designed to encourage them to get involved in fun or learning activities after-school and on weekends, and rewarding their participation with Points. With your OK, they can sign up for their own free KPYO Card and start collecting points today with our Caring Partners - organizations around the GTA that will accept the KPYO card.

Now, when they get involved; playing ball; learning the game of chess; getting guidance from mentors; talking to trades people about their jobs... or just doing good stuff around your community – they’ll collect reward points in their account! They can then trade their collected points for gift certificates from advertisers posted on the Rewards Catalogue. Now they can get those "must have" runners, or that "cool" music gizmo – even a gift for you on your special day... All from points they've earned themselves!!!

More importantly; if they learn to save their rewards, they could even earn their own college or university education on points! Now that's a win-win for all of us! Remember - this is the only sector of the population not rewarded for doing good things; as little kids we get candy & stars; as adults we get promotions & raises - what do our young generation get? How can we encourage their behaviour, so they don't have to consider bullying, stealing or running drugs to get that "must have" stuff? KPYO represents a positive alternative...

There's tons of stuff for them to get involved in around the GTA and this site will give them information about activity organizers that accept the KPYO card, plus other useful resources they might need some day. We want them to be able to have fun, chill, try new things and be equipped with good information.

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