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Kids & Youth - How It Works

YOU, as a KPYO Card Member will get reward points when you participate in activities scheduled by event organizers around the GTA that accept the KPYO card. KPYO also has its own daily activities, including The Friendship Community Gardens started recently at The Esplanade to get involved in...

Organizers at events will confirm your attendance (much like the school system), and your points will be credited to your individual account. ENSURE YOU BRING YOUR CARD EACH TIME, as points can only be awarded if the event organizer knows your account number from the card. Now, each time you go, you'll add more points!

Events have different point values; for example:

  • Sport Participation = 1 point
  • Development Activities = 2 points
  • Mentorship Programs = 3 points
  • Community Endeavours = BONUS points

You can start trading in your points for gift certificates six months after you applied for the card, and you can choose the products or services you want from the advertised products from retailers on the on-line Rewards Catalogue. The catalogue will keep growing and changing, so keep checking in on the page...

Now through your own efforts and participation, you can get those important things without stealing, bullying or running drugs! Well done for choosing the smart alternative route - stay safe.

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