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Corporate Champions - How Little?

As opposed to traditional advertising with static ads in magazines or TV commercials, there is no additional production cost to you; you've already invested in your logo (it's available), you've most probably already photographed your product. Just e-mail both, and be on the Catalogue within 24 hours!!!

This targeted demographic is not only influential with peers; not only has disposable income; but due to the hot topic matter, KPYO also interests parents, siblings and the rest of the Canadian populous. From government to school boards to regular citizens - all want to change the trend and support this type of creative initiative to help redirect and mentor our youth to a brighter future... Remember, this is also your next work force and showing your support now will benefit your Company for decades to come!

How would you like to repeatedly reach over 883,030 kids and youth – and their interested families in the GTA?

How would you like to starch your brand as a Corporate Champion and create a market brand shift?

How would you like to have a cash CPM cost of less than 0.005 cents to reach this generation?

A whole year (12 full months!) of advertising on the KPYO 2006 site is now just a $5,000 cheque, and $5,000 in your gift certificates for them to redeem

You really can create a market shift & build future followings!

What company wants this generation to eat at “their” food franchises?

What company wants this generation to listen to “their” cool music gizmo?

What company wants this generation to transact & bank at “their” financial institution?

Contact us and be part of a mutual right thing!

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