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Corporate Champions - How Does It Work?

It's as different as this generation is... it's as different as this advertising opportunity and the benefits are;

Only 50% of the marketing cost is cash; the other 50% is in your own products - moving inventory!!!

KPYO uses the choice medium with this consumer generation through its on-line web portal...

And their newfound shopping ability includes items for the parents, sibling, relatives etc.

Your brand starching and repeat visuals are huge - as they check and check again - the Rewards Catalogue and the amount of points they still need to get YOUR products... all while telling their friends about the goal!!!

The benefits far outreach the Marketing Department; they cross PR with continual Press attention and a show of good community support to your existing customers, new future consumers, and even your own employees who live in the communities - in fact, for all your investors and stakeholders showing you are making a difference...

And for Sales - well, "Suzie" who redeemed her points for your brand isn't going to the store alone (she'll tag some friends along), and she'll most probably overspend the gift certificate while her friends impulse buy...

This new distribution channel drives product, drives traffic and drives loyalty - be part of it & play your part!

It's A win win for all & with no discounting involved!

What company wants this generation to wear “their” runners?

What company wants this generation to drive “their” car model?

What company wants this generation to wear “their” clothing label?

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