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Corporate Champions - What is KPYO?

KPYO is a unique Points Card for the young generation - which for brand advertisers, provides an unmatched opportunity to reach influential consumers with many members making their own buying decision for the first time.

KPYO - KidsPlay & YouthOutlook rewards 6 to 18 year olds who get back into after-school and weekend activities; to get them off the streets and curb the violence in our communities... Who wants to shop at a store that had a shooting last night??? Who wants to visit "Toronto the Violent"; so long dubbed "Toronto the Good"??? The trend plaguing our cities plagues our economy too. And business is getting the point.

As successful loyalty programs drive adult behaviour, so does the KPYO Card, encouraging our children to get back into programs offered by our Caring Partners while collecting points – for playing ball; learning chess; working with mentors; talking to trades people; or just doing good stuff in their community... They can then trade in those points for the products or services that you've advertised on the KPYO on-line Catalogue. Now they can get those "must have" runners or that "cool" music gizmo – or even Mom a gift on Mother’s day or a gas certificate for Dad on his birthday – all building self-esteem for our next generation and all from their own efforts with points they've earned themselves... without stealing, bullying or running drugs!!! What a boost and a motivator...

One thing's for sure; They'll be championing some brand - some runner - some drink... Peer following and word of mouth endorsement is so strong with this consumer niche, that the Points Card can literally create market shifts. Loyalty is within us early - and with these buyers, an opportunity for you to also be the hero and show you cared!

The Points Card is today's NEW and FITTING advertising vehicle; not only increasing brand awareness and new sales, but exampling your corporate sensitivity to our communities. Traditional ads don't do that!

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